Month: April 2014

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  • April
    30 2014

    San Patricio County 18 Wheeler Accident

    Authorities responded to a San Patricio County 18 wheeler accident on January 2, 2014.  Reportedly, the driver of the 18 wheeler ran off the highway and hit a couple of palm trees. Officials say the driver of the 18 wheeler will be cited for failure to stay in the traffic lane.  To read the entire […]

  • April
    25 2014

    Texas Police Officer Dies in 18 Wheeler Wreck

    An off-duty police officer from the Dallas suburb of Midlothian, Texas, died in an 18 wheeler wreck this week. According to the Midlothian Police Department, Officer Heather Phares, 22, was driving home down State Highway 287 after conducting a special departmental assignment in conjunction with a local school district. Her Ford pickup truck collided with […]

  • April
    21 2014

    Driver Faces Charges in Fatal Houston Big Rig Accident

    The driver involved in a fatal Houston big rig accident will face charges. Investigators with the Texas Department of Public Safety report that the driver of an 18-wheeler caused an accident on Highway 290 in Northwest Houston on Good Friday that killed a nine-year-old boy and injured several others. The accident involved four vehicles, including […]

  • April
    16 2014

    Three Houston 18-Wheeler Accidents Shut Down Freeways

    While auto accidents are a fact of life on Houston’s busy freeways, reports of three Houston 18-wheeler accidents within 24 hours are a rare occurrence. At 5:30am on April 15, four cars and an 18-wheeler were involved in a major accident on the city’s south side. Another incident involved an 18-wheeler and a red Ford […]

  • April
    10 2014

    Amarillo 18-Wheeler Accident Hospitalizes Seven

    Seven people were hospitalized after an Amarillo 18-wheeler accident occurred near a local fast food restaurant. The Amarillo 18-wheeler accident occurred at 10pm Tuesday night and also involved a small white Honda driving through an intersection and a Ford Explorer pickup truck parked at the nearby McDonald’s. Although the authorities reported no life-threatening injuries, the […]