Month: July 2014

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  • July
    30 2014

    Two I-35 Truck Accidents Injure Drivers

    A major traffic artery has been the site of two major I-35 truck accidents this week. An 18 wheeler traveling in the southbound lanes caught fire after it jack-knifed into the northbound lanes near Waco early Monday morning, leaving the driver in critical condition. Two days later, a pair of 18 wheelers collided on the […]

  • July
    29 2014

    Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Claims Young Woman

    An 18-year-old Austin woman was the victim of a fatal 18 wheeler accident this past week, just one day before she was scheduled to begin her college freshman orientation. Rainey Blaylock was scheduled to attend freshman orientation at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches when she pulled into the path of an 18 wheeler […]

  • July
    25 2014

    Tanker Truck Accidents Spill Oil, Asphalt

    Two tanker truck accidents in the last week have left toxic spills on major Texas freeways. In the Dallas suburb of Decatur, a tanker truck overturned and spilled hot asphalt on a busy freeway onramp. Another tanker truck accident occurred early Friday morning near Odessa when an 18 wheeler overturned and spilled more than a […]

  • July
    24 2014

    Waco 18 Wheeler Accidents Raise Police Concerns

    A spate of recent Waco 18 wheeler accidents along Interstate 35 have raised concerns among local police and first responders. Speeding and reckless driving contributed to two major Waco 18 wheeler accidents in the past week, including one that involved three tractor-trailers and the destruction of at least a dozen concrete highway barriers. The accident […]

  • July
    22 2014

    North Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Tied To Overloaded Freeways

    According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a one-mile stretch of Interstate 35 west of Dallas is responsible for more accidents, including a series of North Texas 18 wheeler accidents, than any other part of that freeway. The report showed that I-35 between Riverfront Boulevard and Commerce Street had more than 530 accidents in the […]