Month: September 2014

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  • September
    29 2014

    18 Wheeler Crashes Into Softball Team Bus

    Four members of the North Central Texas College softball team lost their lives when an 18 wheeler crashed into their team bus Friday night. The 18 wheeler crash occurred on Interstate 35 Friday night as the team was returning from a game in Oklahoma. Police reports show that the truck did not slow down or […]

  • September
    25 2014

    Truck Wreck Video Evidence Proves Crucial

    Newly discovered truck wreck video evidence has implicated two firefighters in a Cleveland, Ohio, accident. Captain Ronald Vargo and Firefighter Richard Nickerson were charged with filing a false report to cover up an accident in which they struck a light pole in a parking lot. This week, the truck wreck video evidence from the parking […]

  • September
    12 2014

    Houston 18 Wheeler Crash Shuts Down Freeways

    The busy freeways of the Bayou City have seen more than their fair share of Houston 18 wheeler crashes in recent days. A Houston 18 wheeler crash just south of downtown shut down a major freeway in the early morning hours before the Friday morning rush hour. A tractor-trailer carrying a load of metal fell […]

  • September
    05 2014

    Fatal 18 Wheeler Wrecks Claims Four Lives

    A series of fatal 18 wheeler wrecks across Texas cost four people their lives. A busy Labor Day holiday weekend and the ensuing work week saw fatal 18 wheeler wrecks in several locations across East Texas. In Texarkana, a one-ton flatbed truck collided head-on with an 18 wheeler. In Erath County, southwest of Dallas, a […]

  • September
    02 2014

    Safety Training Reduces Commercial Truck Accidents

    The recent economic rebound has spurred commercial carriers to hire more drivers. These drivers haul their loads across he country in 18 wheelers, often for long hours at high speeds. Many of these drivers lack some of the basic training to avoid commercial truck accidents. As a result, the number of commercial truck accidents has […]