Month: October 2014

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  • October
    27 2014

    Truck Accident Driver In “Zombie State” After Hitting Team Bus

    A local firefighter on the scene of the fatal truck accident that took the lives of four North Central Texas College softball players reported that the driver was in a “zombie state” after the collision. Paul Ozbim, a volunteer fireman from the Longview area, climbed in the passenger door of the truck to check on […]

  • October
    23 2014

    Two East Texas Truck Wrecks Happen On The Same Day

    A stretch of westbound Interstate 20 near Longview saw two East Texas truck wrecks on the same day. One East Texas truck wreck involved an overturned trailer hauling more than 75 head of cattle. Less than twelve hours later and just a few miles away, an 18 wheeler carrying a large piece of industrial equipment […]

  • October
    16 2014

    Pills, Pipe Found At Softball Team Bus Accident Scene

    Police investigating the Oklahoma bus accident that killed four Texas college softball players found a silver marijuana pipe and a bag with prescription pills. The investigators found the pills and paraphernalia in the cab of Russell Staley’s tractor-trailer and are looking into how they could have contributed to the fatal bus accident. Mr. Staley has […]

  • October
    14 2014

    Can Lower Speed Limits Prevent Texas Truck Accidents?

    An editorial in a Beaumont newspaper suggested that reducing speed limits could prevent Texas truck accidents, including some of the fatal accidents that have occurred on a stretch of Interstate 10 in East Texas. The editorial proposed that portions of state highways in high-traffic areas have their speed limits lowered from 65 to 60 or […]

  • October
    13 2014

    Bus Crash Lawsuits Filed Against Driver, Trucking Company

    The families of the college softball players killed and injured in a September 26 accident have filed two bus crash lawsuits against the driver and the trucking company. The parents of Brooke Deckard and Rachell Hitt each filed bus crash lawsuits against truck driver Russell Wayne Staley and his employer, Quickway Transportation. Ms. Deckard, 20, […]