Month: November 2014

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  • November
    29 2014

    Distracted Driving Accidents On The Rise

    While the advent of the smartphone has given drivers access to instant communication, the misuse of these phones has also led to a rise in the number of fatal distracted driving accidents. Drivers who chat with their friends, check their email, send or receive text messages, or play games on their phones are at a […]

  • November
    16 2014

    “Heavy Haulers” Increase Truck Accident Risks

    Overloaded oil field trucks, or so-called “heavy haulers” are at higher risk for serious truck accidents, according to a recent report. The Minneapolis StarTribune published a story examining the threat of heavy haulers for their increasing risk of truck accidents, as well as their damage to the infrastructure and the environment. Increased activity in the […]

  • November
    04 2014

    Truck Safety Systems Seek To Reduce Accidents

    Truck manufacturers, trucking companies, and government agencies are cooperating to improve truck safety systems for long-haul tractor-trailers. These new truck safety systems range from systems that alert drivers about nearby vehicles, to sensors that reduce the truck’s speed under dangerous conditions, to camera systems that allow drivers to see vehicles in their “blind spots”. The […]