Month: December 2014

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  • December
    31 2014

    Fatal 18-Wheeler Accident Reveals $1M In Cash

    Authorities investigating a fatal 18-wheeler accident in East Texas found more than $1 million in cash in the victim’s truck. First responders noticed the cash, wrapped in plastic and aluminum foil, at the site of the fatal 18-wheeler accident. Much of the cash burned at the site, but nearly $500,000 remained for law enforcement agencies […]

  • December
    28 2014

    Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic Among Heaviest In U.S., Says Study

    A study by the American Transportation Research Institute showed that Houston 18-wheeler traffic was some of the heaviest in the nation. The “2014 Congestion Impact Analysis of Freight-Significant Highway Locations” analyzed the congestion patterns at 250 intersections in and around major metropolitan areas. Ten Houston 18-wheeler traffic intersections ranked in the top 100 for freight […]

  • December
    17 2014

    Congress May Ease Truck Safety Regulations

    A new spending bill before Congress includes a provision to ease many truck safety regulations passed last year. The $1 trillion bill contains language that would do away with truck safety regulations that cover rest periods for long-haul truckers. The rules passed in 2013 would require that truckers who work 70 hours a week take […]

  • December
    08 2014

    Truck Safety: U.S. Senator Targets “Chameleon Carriers”

    Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) has initiated a truck safety campaign that targets trucking companies that dissolve their businesses and re-emerge under new names to avoid federal safety regulations. These companies, also known as “chameleon carriers”, use the same staff, the same drivers and the same trucks and re-submit their trucking licenses under the new […]