Month: July 2019

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  • July
    29 2019

    Why Are There So Many Truck Driver Jobs Available?

    The trucker shortage in the U.S. has been building for the last 25 years. While that has meant far more truck driving job opportunities, it’s also led to new efforts by motor carriers to recruit and retain a trucker workforce. Here’s a closer look at why there’s a shortage of truckers and what the industry […]

  • July
    22 2019

    How to Avoid “Zoning Out” While Driving

    Staying focused behind the wheel is always crucial. But it’s not always easy. In fact, distracted drivers cause far too many accidents, and all of these crashes are 100 percent preventable. On a daily basis, at least 8 people in the U.S. are killed by a distracted driver.1 Sometimes, the distraction may be from a […]

  • July
    18 2019

    Fatal Truck Accidents Have Doubled on the “Death Highway” to West Texas Oil Fields

    One of the main roads used to take supplies to and from West Texas’s oil fields has been dubbed the “Death Highway.” Route 285 earned this ominous nickname due to the dramatic surge in deadly truck accidents that have occurred on its lanes in recent years. In fact, 93 people were killed in trucking wrecks […]

  • July
    15 2019

    Why Permian Basin Truck Wrecks Are on the Rise

    Within six years, the Permian Basin is expected to produce more oil than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined.1 While this boom brings a lot of wealth and benefits to the region, it’s not without some drawbacks. In fact, one of the biggest downsides to the Permian Basin oil boom has been the surge in serious […]

  • July
    08 2019

    Driving in Highway Construction Zones: The Do’s & Don’ts

    Highway construction zones pop up across the state during spring, summer, and even into fall. No matter where you live or work in Texas, the chances are that you’ll drive through a roadway work zone at some point during the warmer seasons. And whenever you do, here’s what you need to know to safely navigate […]