Confidential Settlement

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Our client was traveling on Ranger Hill Road south of Fort Worth on rainy afternoon when she came upon an a18 wheeler which had jackknifed on the road. The 18 wheeler completely blocked the highway. She safely came to a stop behind the 18 wheeler. A few seconds later, another 18 wheeler came around the corner at a speed way too high for a wet and curvy road. This second 18 wheeler never even applied his brakes before slamming into the rear of her vehicle and crushing it between his vehicle and the other 18 wheeler. The Amaro Law Firm was hired within days and immediately took steps to preserve the evidence so the trucks could be inspected. In the inspections, it was determined that the second 18 wheeler driver had drug paraphernalia in his cabin. The data was downloaded off the truck and the speed and brake data showed he never hit his brakes and was exceeding the speed limit. Shortly thereafter, the case settled for a substantial sum which paid for the client’s medical bills for her neck and back injuries, pain and suffering, and the severe mental anguish she suffered as a result of the wreck.

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