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In Memoriam — Zachary Daniel Norris

Remembering Our Friend

Zach Daniel Norris, a respected trial attorney, partner, and friend, who championed his clients’ cases with the bravado of a West Texas gunslinger and the guts of a high-stakes poker player, passed away on October 24, 2021, at the age of 45.

A Note From A Close Friend

“Before there were trial schools, webinars, and a billion listservs, there was just your heart, brain, and your guts to go all in to serve and protect someone else who needed your help. No one taught us how to do what we do. We just figured it out together, trial by trial. Zach had all of the ingredients of an amazing trial lawyer. He was a natural.

He was always there for you. Always. And now he’s not.

After a brave fight with brain cancer (glioblastoma) for 2 years, a giant has passed leaving the legacy of his daughter and wife in New Zealand, where they moved in 2012. The world deserves more people like Zach. We love you brother and you are missed. May you rest in peace.”

– R. James Amaro

About Zachary D. Norris

Zach’s career focused on personal injury, maritime law, business claims, insurance claims, and consumer protection. Through his extensive litigation experience, Mr. Norris worked on high-pressure, multimillion-dollar cases, providing zealous representation in Texas state courts and U.S. federal courts. Mr. Norris also worked with a large maritime insurance defense firm for several years, defending major offshore oil companies in Jones Act and Longshore claims.

As a successful litigator, Mr. Norris was at home on the stage of the courtroom and easily commanded the attention and respect of the jury and the judge.

After about a decade of practicing law in his home state of Texas, in 2012, Mr. Norris relocated from Houston to Auckland, New Zealand, a move partially inspired by his love of the outdoors.

Mr. Norris went on to earn his Master of Laws with Honors from the University of Auckland, after which he co-founded a law firm with his wife, where he was known for his “trailblazing, inspirational, and extraordinary” dedication to “helping Kiwi and Australian clients succeed in the United States.”

That extraordinary devotion, admirable passion, and exceptional talent extended far beyond his work and his clients. Mr. Norris was also a beloved family man, a treasured friend, and a deeply revered mentor, as well as an accomplished pianist, guitarist, and Americana singer-songwriter.

The loss of Mr. Norris has been heartbreaking and profoundly devastating for family, friends, colleagues, clients, and all of those who loved him.

His legacy of excellence, passion, and dedicated service will continue to inspire us, enduring in our hearts, our minds, and our tireless commitment to justice.

To donate to brain cancer research on behalf of Zachary D. Norris, contact Norris Echetebu Law here .

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