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Brake Failure & Trucking Accidents

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When there is an accident involving semi-trucks, big rigs or 18-wheelers, there are usually very serious consequences.  The sheer size of these trucks cause incredibly serious damage and injuries.  A very common cause for a trucking accident is brake failure.  In order to ensure that these trucks are safe to operate on the road, they need to undergo regular maintenance and proper inspections, including checking that the brakes are working properly.

If a truck driver or trucking company does not provide a truck with proper inspection, repair or maintenance, the brakes can and often will fail.  Stopping a large truck is already challenging because of its size, but it becomes almost impossible for a truck to stop if the brakes are faulty.  This can cause a catastrophic accident in which the victims can sustain serious injuries.  Amaro Law Group’s Texas truck accident attorneys can investigate to see if brake failure caused the accident and we will help you to hold the party that was responsible for the accident accountable for their negligent actions.

For a personal injury claim, you need to establish liability for the accident in order to hold the right party responsible for their actions.  If brake failure was the cause of the accident, there are a few different parties that may be held accountable.  The following are parties that may have failed to check to the brakes and may be held responsible for the accident:

When filing a personal injury claim, it is important to determine liability. This allows the victim to file a suit against the responsible party. In the case of a truck accident caused by brake failure, there are a number of parties which can be held accountable:

Our personal injury attorneys will take aggressive action against any negligent party that was responsible for your injuries.  We understand how traumatic and life changing your injuries can be following a trucking accident that was caused by brake failure.  Our proficient attorneys will get you the compensation that you need and are entitled to.


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