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Improperly Loaded & Overloaded Truck Accidents

Texas Truck Accident Lawyers Fighting for You

Big 18-wheelers are incredibly common to see while driving and they have become a regular part of the driving community.  These trucks are used to ship products from one location to another in order to keep both consumers and businesses happy.  When these large trucks are involved in an accident, they can cause serious and incredible damage because of their sheer size.  Accidents can happen if the truck is not loaded properly or if there is an overloaded trailer.

Amaro Law Group understands the regulations that trucking companies need to abide by in order to travel the roads safely.  Some of these regulations include ensuring that cargo is loaded properly and that products are loaded within the legal limits.  If you suffered an injury because of a truck that was not loaded properly or was overloaded, our Texas trucking accidents attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

If a truck is not loaded properly or is overloaded, accidents can occur because of:


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