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Types of Truck Accidents

The most important factor in determining damages is the type of truck accident. In trial, you must prove what is called “causation.” That is, you must present evidence of what caused the truck wreck. Some common causes of truck wrecks are the following:

Brake Failure
It is likely one or more federal trucking regulations were violated if an 18 wheeler has brake failure. Brakes must be well maintained due to the amount of stress a truck’s load places on its brake system. There may be evidence of negligence if the truck brakes were not inspected by the truck driver prior to driving or if the brakes were not adequately maintained, which could also prove a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Improper braking technique may also cause a truck accident. Proper braking technique helps preserve a truck’s brakes and truck drivers should apply their brakes in a way that will reduce their speed by about 5 to 6 mph with each application.

Rear end 
Oftentimes, brake failure can cause a rear end truck accident. Sometimes there are other factors that caused the rear end accident. Those factors might include excessive speed, driver not paying attention, driver fatigue, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, safety distance, driver not following roadway regulations, or reckless and unsafe driving.

Head-on collision
These types of accidents can be extremely dangerous and are the most fatal type of truck collision. Head-on collisions are often due to truck driver fatigue.

Underride accidents
An underride accident occurs when a car collides with a semi truck trailer and becomes lodged beneath it. These accidents are often fatal. To help prevent underride trucking accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented regulations as to bumper height for trucks manufactured on or after January 26, 1998.

Pileup accidents
Pileup truck accidents often occur on busy roads. Numerous vehicles are involved in a pileup accident and often serious injuries occur to multiple drivers depending on the speed of the truck at the time of the accident.

Side collision
A side collision occurs when an 18 wheeler crashes into the side of another vehicle. Circumstances such as brake failure, excessive speed, or unsafe driving may cause the side collision. Side collision accidents often result in serious injuries to the driver and passenger of the vehicle.

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