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Amarillo, Texas is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle and is the 14th most populous city in Texas. It has an estimated population of 196,429 people. Some points of interest include Cadillac Ranch, Palo Duro Canyon and Wonderland Park.

Truck accidents in Amarillo are always more complex than those accidents involving cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, or bicycles because of the massive equipment involved. And personal injury cases involving truck accidents are generally more serious, due to the force of impact from a collision involving an 18-wheeler truck, a semi-truck, tractor-trailer or another large truck.

Accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks often lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Truck drivers may cause such accidents due to fatigue, drugs, or speeding. Our truck accident attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm use investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and other traffic and highway design experts to determine liability amongst all parties involved in the accident. We determine the cause of the truck accident, who was at fault, and whose negligence contributed to your trucking accident.

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