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1 Killed and 4 Injured After Red Light Runner Hits Taxi

On June 27, 2011, Houston authorities say a driver was killed and four people injured following a collision involving a private taxi van in southwest Houston. Reportedly, a red Acura struck a gray Ford Freestar minivan that was turning onto the 7900 block of West Fuqua Street from the 15300 block of Fondren Road. Witnesses say the impact of the collision caused the minivan to roll over several times causing the driver of the van to be thrown out and become trapped underneath the vehicle. Sources say an 18-year old man, 12-year old girl and 1-year old girl were all passengers in the van. Investigators say the driver of the taxi was cut-off when the crash occurred. Houston police say the driver of the Acura admitted to speeding and running a red light.


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