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Who Is Liable for My Truck Accident?

3 Parties Commonly At-Fault for 18-Wheeler Accidents In seconds, a truck wreck can cause extensive, lasting damage. When that happens, one of the biggest questions that investigators and victims have focuses on what caused the 18-wheeler accident—and, specifically, who is...

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Trucker Experience, Not Age, Has Greater Impact on Crash Risks, Study Reveals

The Findings Back a Move to Let Truckers Under 21 Drive Interstate Long-held beliefs in the trucking industry have seen drivers’ age as a huge risk factor when it comes to 18-wheeler crash risks. A new study from Virginia Tech...

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Texas Has More Truck Accidents Than Any Other State in the U.S.

Texas Has Led the Nation in Truck Wrecks for More than a Decade, FMCSA Data Shows Since at least 2008, more truck accidents have happened on Texas roads than in any other state in the U.S. That’s according to the...

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Can a Truck Driver Be Fired for an Accident?

It Depends on the Wreck & the Driver, Says a Truck Accident Lawyer Yes, truckers can be fired for being in just one crash. That does not mean, however, that truck drivers are always or necessarily fired when they’re involved...

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