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  • September
    19 2019

    When, Why & Where Truck Accidents Happen

    Since 2016, truck accidents resulting in injuries and death have been on the rise. In fact, while wrecks causing injuries have increased by at least 4 percent, fatal truck crashes have surged by about 10 percent.1 As experts work to turn this trend around, here’s what you need to know about when, why, and where […]

  • July
    20 2015

    Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Report Shows Driver Was On Painkillers

    A recent report showed how a Houston 18 wheeler accident led to numerous physical and mental problems for one of its victims. The report also shows how the use of opioid pain medication by a truck driver contributed to the Houston 18 wheeler accident. The story also delves into the widespread use of pain killers, […]

  • February
    19 2015

    Truck Accident Do’s And Don’ts

    From fender-benders to fatalities, auto accidents can leave devastating effects on the victims and their families. Accidents involving large trucks can increase that damage by several times over. The larger mass, higher speeds and greater momentum involved in truck accidents can lead to horrific consequences. Victims are often left with physical injuries, emotional trauma and […]

  • July
    01 2011

    What is UIM and UM Insurance?

    Despite the fact that Texas law requires every motorist to carry some type of auto insurance, the reality is that thousands of drivers on Texas roads are not insured at all. Oftentimes, motorists who are insured only carry the bare minimum coverage required by law which is currently only $30,000.00 for liability. As a result, […]

  • June
    02 2011

    Understanding Texas Car Insurance Policy Limits

    After a Texan purchases auto insurance coverage, a legal agreement is formed with the insurance company. This agreement is a contract with obligations and rights relating to both parties.  The purchaser of the insurance policy pays a premium to avoid uncertain losses and the possibility of not having the financial resources to pay for injuries […]