Category: Bus Accident

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  • June
    08 2015

    Two Bus Passengers Die In Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

    A fatal 18 wheeler accident killed two people and injured several more on Interstate 10 near Weimar, Texas last week. The bus driver and a passenger were thrown from the bus when it struck the big rig from behind. The fatal 18 wheeler accident also included a passenger car and a sport utility vehicle. The […]

  • March
    05 2015

    Texas Truck Accidents Include School Bus Collision

    A series of Texas truck accidents have led to numerous injuries and at least three fatalities. A truck-bus collision near San Marcos injured several students and two adults. A fatal Texas truck accident in the East Texas town of Flint took the lives of a woman and her young passenger, as well as injuring two […]

  • January
    14 2015

    Fatal West Texas Accident Includes Train, Prison Bus

    A state prison bus slid off an embankment and collided with a passing train in a fatal West Texas accident early Wednesday morning. The bus, operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, was carrying twelve prisoners and three guards from a correctional facility in Abilene to another facility in El Paso. Reports on site […]

  • October
    27 2014

    Truck Accident Driver In “Zombie State” After Hitting Team Bus

    A local firefighter on the scene of the fatal truck accident that took the lives of four North Central Texas College softball players reported that the driver was in a “zombie state” after the collision. Paul Ozbim, a volunteer fireman from the Longview area, climbed in the passenger door of the truck to check on […]

  • October
    16 2014

    Pills, Pipe Found At Softball Team Bus Accident Scene

    Police investigating the Oklahoma bus accident that killed four Texas college softball players found a silver marijuana pipe and a bag with prescription pills. The investigators found the pills and paraphernalia in the cab of Russell Staley’s tractor-trailer and are looking into how they could have contributed to the fatal bus accident. Mr. Staley has […]