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Texas-based one-truck carrier ‘done with trucking’ after crash, FMCSA shutdown order

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has effectively shut down Houston-based Koboat Trucking following an accident in February that killed a Tennessee sheriff’s sergeant. Christopher Savannah, the driver for Koboat Trucking who was involved in the crash, was also shut down...

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What to Do After a Truck Accident: 10 Steps

If You Know What to Do After a Wreck, You Can Protect Yourself & Your Recovery When a truck accident happens, protect yourself and a potential claim for recovery by taking these key steps: Get to safety & call the...

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Road Rage: How to Keep Your Cool

Road Rage: How to Keep Your CoolThe wide-open roads can be freeing and peaceful. With congestion and careless drivers, however, the roads can become sources of rage. Whenever you feel road rage creeping up on you, here’s what you can...

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When, Why & Where Truck Accidents Happen

Since 2016, truck accidents resulting in injuries and death have been on the rise. In fact, while wrecks causing injuries have increased by at least 4 percent, fatal truck crashes have surged by about 10 percent.1 As experts work to...

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