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  • December
    31 2018

    Truck Driver Workplace Fatalities Skyrocket

    Truck Driver Workplace Fatalities Skyrocket More than 3 in every 4 motor vehicle operators who were killed on the job in 2017 were commercial truck drivers. This is according to the latest findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which has also reported that, in 2017: • 840 truckers suffered fatal occupational injuries • […]

  • November
    29 2014

    Distracted Driving Accidents On The Rise

    While the advent of the smartphone has given drivers access to instant communication, the misuse of these phones has also led to a rise in the number of fatal distracted driving accidents. Drivers who chat with their friends, check their email, send or receive text messages, or play games on their phones are at a […]

  • October
    10 2013


    KILLEEN TRUCK CRASH INJURES DRIVERS – Sources say two truck drivers were injured in a Killeen truck crash on October 10, 2013, sending them both to the hospital. Reportedly, the injuries suffered were non-life-threatening. Authorities say that both trucks were traveling southbound when one attempted to pull into a turn around, and the other truck […]

  • October
    08 2013


    JACKSON COUNTY 18 WHEELER WRECK – Reportedly, one person is died in a Jackson County 18 wheeler wreck on October 8, 2013. Sources say the driver of a car and his passenger were struck by an 18 wheeler headed in the opposite direction. Authorities say the driver of the car was dead upon arrival, while […]

  • October
    05 2013


    MARSHALL 18 WHEELER ACCIDENT – Reportedly, two people were hospitalized in a Marshall 18 wheeler accident involving three vehicles on October 5, 2013. Marshall Police say the two people hospitalized were driving a sedan that was hit by either an 18 wheeler or a van. According to reports, authorities are not sure who hit who, […]