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Traffic Laws

Infant Dies in Houston Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

A nine-month-old baby boy was killed in a Houston fatal 18 wheeler accident Monday afternoon when a sport utility vehicle struck a tractor trailer. The Houston fatal 18 wheeler accident occurred near Tomball, a suburb north of the city. The...

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Traffic Deaths Decreasing-2020

According to a recent article featured by StateImpact, the Texas Department of Transportation has reported a decrease in traffic deaths of almost 15 percent since 2006.  Reportedly, these numbers correlate with the national trend.  According to StateImpact, 2010 was the...

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Governor Vetoes Texting While Driving Ban

On June 17, 2011, sources say Governor Rick Perry vetoed H.B. 242, a bill which would have banned texting while driving on Texas roads.  Governor Perry was quoted as saying, “I support measures that make our roads safer for everyone,...

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Texas’ Texting While Driving Ban

According to reports, the Texas legislature has approved a law which will give police the authority to crack down on motorist texting while driving.  Sources say the Texas lawmakers passed a statewide ban on sending or reading emails, text messages...

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