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  • April
    24 2019

    Truck Loading Dock Injuries: What You MUST Know Whenever You’re in or Around a Loading Bay

    Loading docks are busy hubs where trucks, products, and heavy equipment are regularly on the move. In fact, loading docks (also known as loading bays) are considered to be one of the most dangerous areas in warehouses, distribution centers, and truck terminals. Whether you’re a trucker, a dockhand, a forklift driver, or anyone else who […]

  • October
    08 2014

    Sleepy Truck Drivers Lead To More Accidents, Fatalities

    A recent report has shown that one of the greatest threats facing highway drivers today is the truck driver who dozes behind the wheel. After an all-time low in 2009, fatal truck accidents jumped by 16 percent in 2012. Government agencies have attributed the increase to sleepy truck drivers and the conditions that cause them […]

  • April
    04 2014

    18-Wheeler Accidents Result in Fatalities Across Texas

    Several motorists across Texas have suffered fatal injuries in 18-wheeler accidents in the past week. Motorists in Houston, Dallas and Lufkin all died in collisions with tractor-trailer trucks. Each 18-wheeler accident stemmed from different causes and occurred at different speeds and during different times of the day. The primary element each of these incidents share is […]

  • September
    27 2013

    Truck Drivers Injured on the Job

                       It is no secret that trucking accidents can result in serious bodily injury or death to motorists on the roadways.  What many people may know not know, however, is that professional drivers and operators of large trucks themselves are also substantially at risk of being seriously injured or killed on the […]