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  • August
    03 2015

    As Fatal Truck Accidents Rise, Congress Considers Relaxing Trucking Rules

    A bill before the U.S. House of Representatives could allow for increases in driver workloads, which could lead to more fatal truck accidents involving 18 wheelers. The bill would remove many of the restrictions on the number of hours per week a driver can operate a tractor-trailer. The proposal would also allow drivers to carry […]

  • July
    06 2015

    Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Victims Include Infant

    A series of fatal Texas 18 wheeler accidents occurred in the days leading up to the Independence Day holiday weekend. A one-year-old infant died in a fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident near San Antonio. A twenty-year-old maintenance worker was killed in an accident near Houston. Four people lost their lives when their passenger car struck […]

  • June
    08 2015

    Two Bus Passengers Die In Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

    A fatal 18 wheeler accident killed two people and injured several more on Interstate 10 near Weimar, Texas last week. The bus driver and a passenger were thrown from the bus when it struck the big rig from behind. The fatal 18 wheeler accident also included a passenger car and a sport utility vehicle. The […]

  • February
    06 2015

    Feds Suspend Truck Drivers’ Rest Break Requirements

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it would suspend enforcement of some of its rules regarding rest breaks for long-haul freight drivers. The FMCSA stated that it would suspend its prohibition against drivers going more than 60 hours in seven consecutive days, or 70 hours in eight consecutive days. The agency also announced […]

  • October
    16 2014

    Pills, Pipe Found At Softball Team Bus Accident Scene

    Police investigating the Oklahoma bus accident that killed four Texas college softball players found a silver marijuana pipe and a bag with prescription pills. The investigators found the pills and paraphernalia in the cab of Russell Staley’s tractor-trailer and are looking into how they could have contributed to the fatal bus accident. Mr. Staley has […]