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Advice for New Truckers

Advice for New Truckers

Knowing how to drive an 18-wheeler takes more than just knowing how to maneuver a truck while complying with the rules of the road. In fact, it can take years to develop the skills and insights necessary to instill good habits, stay safe on and off the roads, and operate a big rig like an expert trucker.

If you’re a new trucker, here are some essential tips that can help you get up to speed and start mastering the profession of commercial trucking.

6 Helpful Tips for New Truckers

  1. Thoroughly inspect your truck before every trip: If you’re ever stopped by an inspector, you’ll be prepared to answer any question about your pre-trip inspection and the condition of the truck. Beyond that, pre-trip inspections are critical to ensuring your truck’s key components are in good shape. And that can go a long way to keeping you safe on the road and minimizing your risk of a crash.
  2. Always stick to the G.O.A.L. policy: Whether you’re parking at a truck stop or backing into a loading dock, Get Out And Look at your truck. Make sure your truck is properly parked, with enough space around it, and that you haven’t left any lights or blinkers on. And if your spacing is off, don’t be afraid to get back in your cab and park again.
  3. Follow the track of your trailer tires: This is one of the best ways to accurately guide your truck. If you can really dial into the path of your trailer tires (when turning, parking, or making other maneuvers), you’ll be able to precisely guide your truck to where you want it to be—every time.
  4. Don’t swerve to avoid animals in your path: No matter how much you love animals, swerving to save their lives can put yours at risk. Instead of swerving when animals are in your path, slow down in a safe manner and grip the wheel. While you may not be able to avoid hitting the animal, this can help you avoid losing control of the truck and getting into a serious accident.
  5. Don’t let trucking companies run you ragged: The more you’re driving and transporting cargo, the more money motor carriers make. Sometimes, motor carriers will even offer bonuses for early deliveries. While the opportunity for a higher check can be enticing, don’t let that fool you into putting yourself in danger by driving yourself to exhaustion. Know your limits and be ready to push back when you need to. A higher check is worthless if you’re not alive to spend and enjoy it.
  6. Never be afraid to ask for help: Truckers tend to look out for each other, and expert truckers are often more than happy to share advice and help those who are newer to trucking. So, as you encounter new experiences and need some guidance, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. You may be surprised at how willing your fellow truckers are to offer help!

While these tips can help new truckers stay safe on and off the roads, accidents can still happen. And whenever they do, truckers can turn to the Amaro Law Firm for help. 

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