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Amarillo Truck Wreck Kills Driver

Amarillo Truck Wreck-An Amarillo truck wreck resulted in the death of the driver who suffered severe burns in a fiery West Texas crash in March that also killed five teens in another car.  According to the report, officials have said that the Chevrolet Cruze driven by 16-year-old Jacob Paul Stipe ran a stop sign on March 10 and was then struck on the side by the tanker loaded with fuel.  The truck wreck happened just northeast of Dumas about 45 miles north of Amarillo.  Mr. Stipe was killed, as were his passengers: 17-year-old Derrek Lee Hager; 17-year-old Christopher Lee Moore; 17-year-old October Dawn Roys; and her 15-year-old sister Elizabeth Kay Roys.  The full story can be read here.



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