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Brake Failure Blamed For Austin Truck Accident

Brake Failure Blamed For Austin Truck Accident

Austin police have cited brake failure as one of the reasons behind a truck accident involving a gravel hauler that struck several vehicles and rolled off a bridge. Local and state authorities are still investigating the accident to determine if any other factors were involved. A witness recorded the truck accident on her dash cam, including how the truck rolled off a bridge and into a creek bed 20 feet below. Other witnesses retrieved the driver from the creek bed before the truck’s cab caught fire.

Details of the Austin Truck Accident

The truck accident occurred near RM 2222 and Jester Boulevard in Austin early Friday morning. The gravel truck collided with a Honda passenger car at the intersection as the Honda waited to turn at a red light. The truck continued through the intersection and grazed at least three other vehicles. The truck’s momentum carried it off the bridge and into the creek bed. The truck driver was reportedly uninjured in the truck accident, but the Honda driver sustained a concussion and at least four other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Owner Could Face Investigation For Truck Accident Role

The owner of the gravel hauler involved in last week’s truck accident has had a record of safety violations. Marco Franco, owner of Franco’s Trucking, has received a number of citations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal safety agency that oversees the trucking industry. From December 2014 to August 2015, Franco’s Trucking has been cited for inoperative headlights, taillights, and turn signals, as well as failure to provide proof of inspection. The gravel hauler in this most recent truck accident was also involved in a crash in August 2015.

Source: KXAN-TV

Denton Rollover Truck Accident Closes Busy Freeway

Another truck accident on the ever-dangerous Interstate 35 closed down traffic on both sides of the busy freeway. The truck accident occurred just after noon on Sunday near the 475B exit in Denton. Police reports showed that the truck was attempting to take the freeway exit when it struck the guardrail and rolled onto its side. The driver escaped the cab under his own power, but quickly fainted after leaving the vehicle. He was transported to a local medical facility, but authorities have yet to release any information on his condition.

Source: KTVT-TV

Wrong-Way Driver Causes North Austin Truck Accident

A driver on the wrong side of the highway caused a truck accident north of Austin on Saturday afternoon. The driver was moving the wrong way in the eastbound lanes of FM 487 near Schwertner, about 45 miles north of Austin. The truck was carrying more than 75 head of cattle to a local farm when the driver realized he was in the wrong lane. He swerved back onto the westbound lanes when he struck a guardrail and the truck rolled onto its side int a ditch. The driver was flown to a local hospital, while about 20 of the 75 cattle were euthanized due to their injuries.

Source: KWTX-TV

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