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Truck Wreck – Wrongful Death
Two teenage boys were passengers in their friend’s car on a dark and rainy night in the country outside of Houston. The driver ran a stop sign and subsequently struck an 18 wheeler. The two passengers were tragically were killed in the wreck and their families sought the help of the Amaro Law Firm to find out what happened and how the wreck could have been prevented. In sum, how the wreck happened did not make sense because the truck driver claimed he never saw the car coming at a high rate of speed even though you can see for a long distance. If he did see keep a proper lookout as he was supposed to under the trucking training he had, he would have had time could have hit the brakes and prevent the wreck. The truck driver failed to take any preventative measures before impact. Subsequently, it was discovered that the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol, had multiple health issues that he never disclosed to the medical examiner who provided him his medical qualifications, and had multiple moving violations, wrecks, and health issues that made him a danger to others on the road. In short, he never should have been on the road in the first place. The trucking company endangered the public when they chose to keep letting him drive for them despite the known dangers. Shortly before trial, the trucking company’s insurance company finally conceded liability for the truck company’s decision to keep this dangerous driver and settled the case for the maximum insurance limits available.


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