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Truck Wreck Verdict – Neck and Back Injuries, and PTSD

Confidential Settlement Post-Verdict
After feeling that his previous counsel was not representing his interests to the best of their ability, our client terminated them and found the Amaro Law Firm on after reading the reviews online. Our firm was hired about 30 days before trial and the court would not grant a continuance so that the necessary work that was not completed could take place before trial. While driving his 18 wheeler one early foggy morning in Mississippi, our client was rear-ended by another 18 wheeler driven by a driver for an international trucking company. The impact was violent enough to cause our client’s seatbelt to break loose and his seat to break off the bolts. Our client suffered neck, back, and knee injuries. The truck driver who rear ended him sadly was stuck in the cab of his truck after the impact and burned to death right before our client’s eyes while he helplessly witnessed his tragic death.

The case was tried live with no depositions of the opposing party’s witnesses or experts. After a 2 day trial, our client was vindicated with a verdict in his favor which included his full medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering and impairment. The trucking company threatened an appeal and the case was confidentially settled post-verdict for the full value of the verdict.


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