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Distracted driving

Texas’ Texting While Driving Ban

According to reports, the Texas legislature has approved a law which will give police the authority to crack down on motorist texting while driving.  Sources say the Texas lawmakers passed a statewide ban on sending or reading emails, text messages...

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Texas Senate Approves Texting While Driving Ban

On May 25, 2011, sources say the Texas Senate added a measure to House Bill 242 which would ban texting, sending emails, and instant messaging while driving.  Supporters of the bills say texting while driving is 23 times more dangerous...

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Proposed Texting Ban Could Help Car Wreck Victims in Texas Courts

The legal system in Texas makes it difficult for the injured victim of a car wreck to recover all of their damages resulting from a car wreck. However, the Texas legislature is debating a law which will help auto-accidents victims...

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