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College Vice President Dies In Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

Dr. Don Bostic, the Vice President of Ranger College in Brownwood, Texas, perished in a fatal 18 wheeler accident last Friday afternoon. Dr. Bostic was a respected faculty member and administrator at the college and was known as a community leader off-campus. Students, faculty and staff reacted in shock when they heard about the fatal 18 wheeler accident that took the life the man they viewed as “the face of Ranger College.”

Details Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

The fatal 18 wheeler accident occurred on U.S. Highway 183 North near the intersection of County Road 339. Dr. Bostic, had been driving his 1993 Mazda Miata northbound on Highway 183 on his way to Eastland, located about 60 miles north of Brownwood. Dr. Bostic’s Miata collided with the 18 wheeler and caught fire. The 18 wheeler sustained serious damage to its front end. Dr. Bostic died at the scene. Investigators have not revealed the status of the truck driver after the fatal 18 wheeler accident, nor have they reached a conclusion on how the accident occurred.

Community Reels From Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

Numerous members of the Brownwood and Ranger College communities reacted with shock and disbelief at the news of the fatal 18 wheeler accident. Dr. William Campion, Ranger College president, called Dr. Bostic “irreplaceable.” Dr. Campion told local reporters, “There couldn’t be a bigger loss for Ranger College than Dr. Bostic.” Ray Tipton, executive director of the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce, called Dr. Bostic his “go-to guy” for both business and personal advice. He told local news media outlets that the loss of Dr. Bostic in the fatal 18 wheeler accident has been “hard to kind of wrap my mind around.”

Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Leaves Residents Stunned

Other members of the business community also felt the loss from Dr. Bostic’s fatal 18 wheeler accident. Shawn Russell, executive director of the Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce in the nearby town of Early, stated that the loss has had “a huge impact on our community.” She also stated that she and Dr. Bostic had discussed “some really good plans for the future of Ranger College” and that she and the other members of the Chamber of Commerce were “devastated” at the news of the fatal 18 wheeler accident.

Source: Brownwood Bulletin

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