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Comedian, Tractor Trailer Accident Victim Tracy Morgan Gives Emotional Emmy Speech

A tractor trailer accident in June 2014 nearly cost comedian/actor Tracy Morgan his life. Nearly fifteen months later, he delivered an emotional speech at this weekend’s Emmy Awards ceremony. Mr. Morgan was on hand to present the award for Best Dramatic Series, his first major public appearance since suffering a traumatic brain injury and lying in a coma for more than a week after his tractor trailer accident. Mr. Morgan is also scheduled to host “Saturday Night Live” in October, marking his return to the show that made him famous.

Details of the Tracy Morgan Tractor Trailer Accident

The tractor trailer accident occurred on June 7, 2014. Mr. Morgan and several of his fellow comedians were riding in a “limo bus” on the New Jersey Turnpike. Mr. Morgan was returning to his New York home after performing at an Atlantic City Casino. During the trip, a Wal-Mart 18 wheeler struck the limo bus from behind. When authorities found the truck driver, Kevin Roper, they determined that he had not slept in the 24 hours prior to the tractor trailer accident. He was later charged with vehicular homicide and assault by auto.

Injuries, Deaths From Tractor Trailer Accident

The tractor trailer accident overturned the passenger vehicle, leaving Mr. Morgan and several of his fellow travelers with serious injuries. Mr. Morgan sustained several broken ribs, a broken leg, and a traumatic brain injury. Doctors placed him in a coma for eight days to allow his body time to recover. Writer and fellow comedian James McNair was killed in the tractor trailer accident. Mr. McNair, who went by the stage name “Jimmy Mac”, was Mr. Morgan’s close friend and co-wrote much of his stage act.

Wal-Mart Settles Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit

After the tractor trailer accident, Mr. Morgan and his attorneys filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart. The comedian claimed that Wal-Mart policies led to Mr. Roper staying behind the wheel for more than 24 hours straight, rather than getting much-needed rest. During the suit, Wal-Mart blamed Mr. Morgan and his fellow travelers for the tractor trailer accident, citing that many of them were not wearing seat belts. In May 2015, the two parties reached a settlement. While the parties did not disclose the settlement terms, Mr. Morgan said in a statement that “Wal-Mart did right by me and my family.”

Morgan Thanks “Amazing Doctors” For Tractor Trailer Accident Recovery

During his Emmy speech, Mr. Morgan spoke of the friend he lost in the tractor trailer accident. He credited his “amazing doctors and the support of my family” for his return to the stage. He also thanked audience members for their “prayers” and “positive thoughts” in the days and weeks after the tractor trailer accident. He told the audience that “I’ve started to feel like myself again.” He even joked that “a whole lot of y’all women are going to get pregnant at the after-party.”

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