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Dallas 18 Wheeler Crash Leaves Truck Driver Dead

A truck driver died early Sunday morning in a Dallas 18 wheeler crash when his big rig collided with a fire truck. The truck driver died at the scene of the Dallas 18 wheeler crash when the truck’s cab caught fire. The force of the collision was so powerful that it spun the fire truck 180 degrees, moving it from facing east to facing west. Three firefighters were also injured in the wreck and sent to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Two were released the same day, while one was held overnight for observation.

Details of the Dallas 18 Wheeler Crash

The Dallas 18 wheeler crash occurred on Texas Highway 183 near Irving. Police and firefighters responded at 3 a.m. Sunday to an accident in the eastbound lanes. An aerial ladder fire truck kept its emergency lights running as it blocked traffic. The tractor-trailer collided with the fire truck and struck the three firefighters. The big rig was reportedly traveling at highway speeds and did not slow down for the fire truck. The truck driver, 55-year-old Ilian Lalev of Dallas, died at the scene of the Dallas 18 wheeler crash.

Did DUI Driver Lead to Dallas 18 Wheeler Crash?

Police and fire investigators are probing the causes of the Dallas 18 wheeler crash. The earlier accident, which led to the fire truck blocking highway traffic, may have involved an intoxicated driver. Local media reports stated that police were investigating a major accident involving a white GMC pickup truck. A spokesman for the Irving Police Department stated that the pickup truck driver fled the scene, but was later arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated just moments before the fatal Dallas 18 wheeler crash.

Causes of Dallas 18 Wheeler Crash Remain Unknown

The Irving police spokesman stated that the department had yet to determine the causes of the Dallas 18 wheeler crash. The statement revealed that the truck driver who lost his life in the crash did not slow down for the fire truck’s emergency lights. However, investigators have yet to determine why the driver failed to reduce his speed. The spokesman stated that investigators have yet to learn “if the driver fell asleep or had a medical condition” that contributed to the Dallas 18 wheeler crash.

Firefighters Injured in Dallas 18 Wheeler Crash

Irving Assistant Fire Chief Rusty Wilson told reporters on Sunday about the circumstances surrounding the firefighters injured in the Dallas 18 wheeler crash. While he did not identify the firefighters by name, he said that two members of the fire truck crew were sitting on the truck’s front bumper, while a third was standing in front of them. When the Dallas 18 wheeler crash, the two firefighters on the front bumper were thrown clear of the wreck and onto the frontage road. According to Chief Wilson, the third firefighter “doesn’t remember much of what happened to him.”

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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