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Driving in Highway Construction Zones: The Do’s & Don’ts

Driving in Highway Construction Zones: The Do’s & Don’ts

Highway construction zones pop up across the state during spring, summer, and even into fall. No matter where you live or work in Texas, the chances are that you’ll drive through a roadway work zone at some point during the warmer seasons. And whenever you do, here’s what you need to know to safely navigate these busy areas and keep your risk of an accident minimal.

4 Tips for Driving in Highway Construction Zones: What to Do

  1. Slow down: In and around nearly any highway construction zone, the speed limits will be reduced, and there will be posted signs to alert you to the lowered limits. So, look for and abide by these. While you can get heavily fined for violating the speed limits in highway work zones, you can also limit the time you have to respond to the ever-changing conditions in these areas.
  2. Pay attention to signs, cones & workers: In addition to being alert to the new speed limit and how fast you’re driving, look out for other signage, cones marking off certain areas, and where construction workers are. There can be a lot to pay attention to in highway work zones, and staying focused can help you make the right maneuvers to safely get through them.
  3. Drive defensively: Expect that the unexpected will happen, and be ready to take quick action. To do this, you’ll need to be alert and sober. You’ll also need to keep your eyes on the road while regularly scanning the nearby work zone area.
  4. Be patient: Don’t expect to get through highway construction zones quickly. Sometimes, you may have to stop for oncoming vehicles or construction equipment to pass. Even if you don’t come to a full stop in these areas, you will be driving slowly through them, and traffic can get congested right before and in them. So, be prepared for this and stay patient. It can help you keep a level head behind the wheel so that you can make safe choices as the conditions change.

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4 Tips for Driving in Highway Construction Zones: What You Should NOT Do

  1. Do NOT use your cellphone: You should never be texting or holding your cellphone while driving, and this is crucially important in highway construction zones. Distracted drivers can easily cause wrecks in these zones because they’ll miss seeing signs, workers, and other essential driving cues.
  2. Do NOT make sudden moves: Avoid slamming on the brakes, swerving into other lanes, or making other sudden moves that others around you aren’t expecting. Instead, wait a bit longer and do your best to make eye contact with other roadway travelers and/or the construction work crew. If they don’t see you, they’re probably not expecting your next move – and you’ll know this if you’re looking at them.
  3. Do NOT follow other vehicles too closely: You can’t control other drivers’ actions, and you can never be certain if they’re alert, sober, or ready to make safe moves behind the wheel. So, give yourself – and them – plenty of leeway. This can give you enough time to safely avoid an accident if the driver in front of you misses something or makes a dangerous move.
  4. Do NOT assume there aren’t workers around because you don’t see them: Highway construction work can happen day or night, weekdays or weekends. And just because you don’t see workers does NOT mean there aren’t any present in the work zone. So, always assume there are workers nearby, and always take extra precautions as you approach and drive through these zones.

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