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Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Criminal Trial Starts

Testimony in a criminal case stemming from a 2012 fatal 18 wheeler accident started last week. The driver, Jerome Charez Bryant of Garrison, faces a charge of criminally negligent homicide. Troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety testified that Mr. Bryant’s log truck collided with a passenger car. The driver of the passenger car, 56-year-old Catarino Perez, was declared dead at the scene. The troopers’ testimony cited numerous violations on Mr. Bryant’s track as possible causes for the fatal 18 wheeler accident.

Details of the Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

According to DPS reports, the fatal 18 wheeler accident occurred in August 2012 on FM 2782 and U.S. Highway 59. The troopers’ reports stated that Mr. Bryant pulled into traffic on the southbound lane of U.S. 59 and cut off Mr. Perez’s car. The force of the collision killed Mr. Perez instantly. DPS troopers investigated the scene of the fatal 18 wheeler accident. The local prosecutors office filed charges of criminally negligent homicide against Mr. Bryant based on the troopers’ recommendation.

Troopers Testify in Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Case

During the first day of the trial, several DPS troopers testified about what they and other investigators found at the scene of the fatal 18 wheeler accident. DPS Trooper John Riggins testified that he called for the charges to be brought against Mr. Bryant. “He was negligent, ran the stop sign, and killed someone. That’s why I went with negligent homicide,” Trooper Riggins told Mr. Bryant’s defense attorney. The attorney also questioned Trooper Brian Henry about the circumstances surrounding the fatal 18 wheeler accident. Trooper Henry agreed with the defense’s assertion that a number of factors, aside from Mr. Bryant’s negligence, could have contributed to the accident.

Violations Spark Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Investigation

The troopers’ testimony also revealed that Mr. Bryant had received warnings concerning several safety violations prior to the fatal 18 wheeler accident. Some of these violations included inoperative tail lights, broken suspension, defective breaks, overweight loads, and nine violations on tire conditions alone. Overall, Mr. Bryant has 29 safety violations on his vehicle. According to one trooper, Mr. Bryant and this truck should not have been on the road at all when the fatal 18 wheeler accident occurred.

ECM Data Used in Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Case

The day’s testimony also included an analysis of data from the truck’s electronic control module, or ECM. Many heavy trucks are required to carry these devices, which measure speed, direction, braking, and other factors. The ECM data from the time of the fatal 18 wheeler accident showed that Mr. Bryant’s truck did not stop at a stop sign near where the collision happened. The defense attorney questioned the validity of the data on the day of the fatal 18 wheeler accident, showing that these devices do not always keep accurate time and date information.

Source: KTRE-TV

Know Your Rights in a Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit

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