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Fatal West Texas Accident Includes Train, Prison Bus

A state prison bus slid off an embankment and collided with a passing train in a fatal West Texas accident early Wednesday morning. The bus, operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, was carrying twelve prisoners and three guards from a correctional facility in Abilene to another facility in El Paso. Reports on site claim that at least ten people died in the fatal West Texas accident. Five others were transported to Medical Center Hospital in Odessa for various injuries.

Details on the Fatal West Texas Accident

The fatal West Texas accident started on Interstate 20 a few miles west of Odessa. The bus was traveling on an overpass that overlooked a freight rail line when its skidded on the icy road. The bus rolled down the embankment onto the railroad tracks and collided with a Union Pacific freight train. Engineers stopped the train shortly after the fatal West Texas accident, but no one on the train reported any injuries.

Did Icy Conditions Lead to Fatal West Texas Accident?

Although police investigators have yet to reveal the causes behind the fatal West Texas accident, cold weather and freezing precipitation in the area may have been contributing factors. Without the warmth of the soil beneath the roadbed, overpasses are more susceptible to icing over than roads at ground level. Drivers should be aware of such factors before embarking on roads and overpasses that may be prone to icy conditions.

Source: KHOU-TV

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