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Five Fatalities In Texas Tanker Truck Accident

A fiery Texas tanker truck accident led to five fatalities. The Texas tanker truck accident occurred in Dimmit County early just before 7 am on US Highway 83 in Dimmit County, about 120 miles southwest of San Antonio. The accident involved a tanker truck full of oil, a passenger van and two pickup trucks. The massive collision and ensuing fire closed down several miles of highway for more than twelve hours.

Details of Texas Tanker Truck Accident

The Texas tanker truck accident started just two miles north of Asherton, a small town of 1,300 residents. The tanker truck was traveling southbound on US 83 when it swerved to avoid a pickup truck making a left turn, causing it to flip onto its side. The tanker truck then collided with another pickup truck and a van carrying seven passengers. The collision caused an explosion and fire in the tanker truck. Investigators with the Texas Department of Public Safety are investigating the Texas tanker truck accident to determine if any of the drivers involved will face criminal charges.

Injuries in the Texas Tanker Truck Accident

Five of the seven passengers in the van perished. All of the deceased were Hispanic males from Laredo, ranging in age from 21 to 65. Authorities have not released either background information or the injury status of the two survivors from the van. The pickup truck driver who struck the tanker truck suffered burns on 80 percent of his body and was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital. The tanker truck driver suffered a broken ankle in the rollover. The driver of the pickup truck he attempted to avoid suffered lacerations. Neither driver reported life-threatening injuries in the Texas tanker truck accident.

Did Dangerous Conditions Cause Texas Tanker Truck Accident?

At least one witness speculated that dangerous conditions at the Texas tanker truck accident site contributed to the fiery collision. Isaac Garcia, an oil field driver, was delivering a load of pipes when he saw the wreckage. He described the scene as having “flames all over the place” that “took seconds” to ignite. Mr. Garcia also told reporters that it was the second Texas truck accident he had witnessed at that site. He cited the wet conditions and “oil mixed with mud” coming off the oil field trucks that frequently pass through that intersection as a place where “it’s just meant for accidents to happen.”

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