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Fort Worth Truck Accident Kills OKC Bombing Paramedic

A former paramedic who was one of the first responders after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was killed in a Fort Worth truck accident last week. Steve Franklin was among the five fatalities stemming from a major Fort Worth truck accident. His wife, Tracey Franklin, was among the twelve people injured in the accident on Interstate 30. Mrs. Franklin was listed in critical condition on her arrival at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

“Good Samaritans” Involved in Fort Worth Truck Accident

At 2:30 am on Sunday, April 12, a driver struck a concrete divider on I-30 near Fort Worth. The Franklins were at the scene of the accident to assist the driver. Mr. Franklin may have used his paramedic training to examine the driver’s injuries and call for help. As the Franklins and other “Good Samaritans” arrived to help the driver, a tractor-trailer reportedly drove into the crowd. The truck struck several vehicles, including the car involved in the original accident, then caught fire.

Injuries in the Fort Worth Truck Accident

Five people, including Mr. Franklin, either died at the scene of the Fort Worth truck accident or on their way to local hospitals. Other fatalities included Veronica Gonzalez, 43, of Fort Worth; Mary Hernandez, 42, of Fort Worth; and Clarissa Alexandra Banda-Castillo, 18, of San Antonio. Ten ambulances and a CareFlite rescue helicopter transported victims to Fort Worth-area hospitals. Ely Alba-Gonzalez, Ms. Gonzalez’s fiancee, was listed in critical condition. The truck driver whose actions led to the Fort Worth truck accident suffered minor injuries.

Authorities Slow in Identifying Fort Worth Truck Accident Victims

The severity of the Fort Worth truck accident has made the task of identifying victims more difficult. Sources within the Fort Worth Police Department and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office told local reporters that the impact and resulting fire from the Fort Worth truck accident has made it nearly impossible to determine the gender of the remaining fatality victim. While criminal charges have yet to be filed against the driver, the injured victims and the families of the deceased have stated plans to file civil lawsuits.

Fort Worth Truck Accident Victim Had History of Helping

Friends and family members recalled Fort Worth truck accident victim Steve Franklin as someone who was always willing to help those in need. Mr. Franklin had a distinguished career as a paramedic in Oklahoma City. He was among the first responders who received the call about the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building on April 19, 1995. After he left the paramedic service, he led a “Jeep club” that helped tow stranded tractor-trailers off icy roads across North Texas.


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