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Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Report Shows Driver Was On Painkillers

A recent report showed how a Houston 18 wheeler accident led to numerous physical and mental problems for one of its victims. The report also shows how the use of opioid pain medication by a truck driver contributed to the Houston 18 wheeler accident. The story also delves into the widespread use of pain killers, such as Vicodin, Percocet and Soma, by truck drivers, despite the effects that these drugs can have on perception, awareness and reaction time.

Details of the Houston 18 Wheeler Accident

On January 3, 2014, Latasha Allen was driving on U.S. 59 near Houston. She was responding to a call from Conroe Regional Medical Center about a suicidal patient. The Houston 18 wheeler accident occurred just before midnight when truck driver Michael Osbourn ran over Ms. Allen’s SmartCar. The car struck the concrete lane divider, then flipped over the barrier. Ms. Allen was ejected from the vehicle, but survived the Houston 18 wheeler accident. Mr. Osbourn did not report any injuries and was reportedly unaware of the collision until later that day.

Injuries Sustained in Houston 18 Wheeler Accident

Ms. Allen sustained serious injuries from her Houston 18 wheeler accident, including broken ribs, a broken neck and a collapsed lung. Prior to the accident, she had received to advanced degrees and was studying for her doctorate in clinical psychology. As a result of the Houston 18 wheeler accident, she sustained a traumatic brain injury, including memory lapses and speech impediments. Her brain injuries have left her unable to work as an investigator with Child Protective Services. She also deals with post-traumatic stress disorder and has panic attacks whenever a large truck passes near her vehicle.

Houston 18 Wheeler Accident and Painkillers

The report also showed that the truck driver involved in the Houston 18 wheeler accident had a long history of taking painkillers. Medical records for Mr.. Osbourn showed that he had taken four Vicodin tablets a day for at least a year. His personal physician prescribed the drug, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, for his chronic back pain. Despite his history with painkillers, Mr. Osbourn did not face any criminal charges in the Houston 18 wheeler accident, as he was taking legal prescription medications at the time of the collision.

Attorney: Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Shows “Breakdown of the System”

Unfortunately, Ms. Allen’s Houston 18 wheeler accident was not an isolated incident. Several reports have surfaced of truck drivers on prescription painkillers and their involvement in serious or fatal accidents. The attorney representing Ms. Allen in her lawsuit against the driver and his employer stated that the Houston 18 wheeler accident signifies a “breakdown of the system” when it comes to pursuing truck drivers who abuse prescription medications.

Source: Houston Press

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