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Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic Among Heaviest In U.S., Says Study

A study by the American Transportation Research Institute showed that Houston 18-wheeler traffic was some of the heaviest in the nation. The “2014 Congestion Impact Analysis of Freight-Significant Highway Locations” analyzed the congestion patterns at 250 intersections in and around major metropolitan areas. Ten Houston 18-wheeler traffic intersections ranked in the top 100 for freight congestion, including five in the top 25 and two in the top ten.

Analyzing Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic Congestion

The report calculated an “hourly freight congestion value” based on the number of trucks that passed through an intersection per hour and the average speed of trucks passing through that intersection. The study found that Houston 18-wheeler traffic had some of the highest hourly freight congestion values in the country. The volume of Houston 18-wheeler traffic through these intersections, combined with the slow speeds and heavy commuter traffic these trucks encounter, contributed to the high values.

Sites of Heaviest Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic

The study found that ten major intersections for Houston 18-wheeler traffic were among the most congested in the country. These sites included:

  • #96: I-10 at I-610 (East )
  • #74: I-45 at Sam Houston Tollway (North)
  • #54: I-45 at I-610 (South)
  • #50: I-610 at US 59 (West)
  • #33: I-10 at I-610 (West)
  • #22: I-45 at I-610 (North)
  • #16: I-10 at US 59 (Downtown Houston)
  • #13: I-10 at I-45 (Downtown Houston)
  • #6: I-610 at US 290 (Northwest Houston)
  • #5: I-45 at US 59 (Downtown Houston)

Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic Worst In Texas

The study showed that Houston 18-wheeler traffic congestion is not only among the worst in the nation, it is the worst in the Lone Star State. The only other Texas city to appear multiple times in the top 100 was Dallas (#12 and #45). The only other Texas city in the top ten was Austin at #10. Other Texas cities to feature truck congestion comparable to Houston 18-wheeler traffic included Fort Worth at #27 and El Paso at #98.

Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic Has Most Congestion Sites In U.S.

With ten entries in the top 100, Houston 18-wheeler traffic qualifies as possibly the worst metropolitan area in the country as a collective group. Atlanta-area intersections appear in the report seven times, including at #3. Minneapolis-St. Paul appears four times, while Chicago and Los Angeles appear three times each. The #1 hourly freight congestion site for 2014 was the George Washington Bridge, which connects New York and New Jersey. According to the study, ongoing construction to the bridge’s top deck contributed to the heavy congestion.

Source: American Transportation Research Institute

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