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Houston Man Saved After Car Catches Fire In Multi-Vehicle Accident

On February 22, 2011, a car caught fire after being involved in a multi-vehicle collision on the Southwest Freeway and Newcastle Drive in Houston, Texas. Reportedly, the wreck trapped the driver inside the car as it burst into flames. Sources say Houston police officer, Harry Zamora, ran toward the car in an attempted to free the man. The Houston officer pulled the driver from the car and rolled him around to put out the flames. Houston police say Zamora suffered second degree burns on his hands but plans to be at work Wednesday.

Authorities are quick to point out that dozens of other motorist stopped to help at the scene. Reportedly, the good Samaritans worked together to lift the front of the car and unpin the door. Sources say the driver was breathing when Houston EMS transported him to the hospital in critical condition.


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