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How to Find a Great & SAFE Truck Driving Job

How to Find a Great & SAFE Truck Driving Job

When you’re ready to find a trucking job that’ll work for you, here are some simple things you can do to find an excellent new gig that will work for you.

5 Tips to Finding the Right Trucking Job

  1. Think about your needs and preferences before you start looking: Do you want to drive locally and be home more often? Are you OK being on the roads for extended periods of time? Do you need CDL training or time in the seat? What kind of compensation and benefits are you looking for? If you know what you want from your next trucking job, you’ll be in a better position to find it.
  2. Look into different trucking companies: A little upfront research can go a long way in letting you know which companies are better—or worse—to drive for. So, look into trucking companies you’re considering. Check review boards and social media to see what others have said about a motor carrier. It’s also a good idea to look up their record of safety violations and wrecks. This knowledge can help you steer clear of trucking companies you wouldn’t want to work for so you can gravitate towards better ones.
  3. Ask recruiters questions: If you go the recruiter route, be ready to ask about specifics of any opportunity presented. Sometimes, recruiters may not automatically tell you about less favorable aspects of the job if you don’t explicitly ask about them.
  4. Talk to other truckers: Whether you chat with a trucker you know or you go on a local forum, ask about others about their experiences with certain companies. This can be a great way to find out things you haven’t even thought about asking.
  5. Don’t rush to accept the first offer: Truckers are in high demand. In fact, there’s been a trucker shortage in the U.S. for many years. So, don’t agree to the first offer you get, and take time to compare different opportunities. Use this demand for truckers to your advantage. If you do, you’re far more likely to get a better job (than if you accepted the first offer you got).

While safety tips can get you on the right path to getting a great truck driving job, the Amaro Law Firm can set you on the right path when it’s time to recover from a truck wreck. We’re proud to be an ally and advocate for truckers who are injured in 18-wheeler accidents.

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