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Kerrville Texas Truck Wreck Involves 2 Pasadena Police Officers

A Kerrville, Texas truck wreck on April 27, 2013 killed on Pasadena police officer and seriously injured another.   Reportedly, the police officers were struck by a truck while trying to help a stranded driver on Interstate 10 near Kerrville, Texas.

According to news stories, they stopped to help a driver who lost a U-Haul trailer that came detached from the vehicle towing it.  The officers were on the way home from a hunting trip.  After they were out of their vehicle, an 18-wheeler truck swerved to miss the U-Haul trailer and crashed into the parked vehicles on the right shoulder of a bridge.  According to a witness Andy Lewis, “[t]he 18-wheeler comes barreling down the road and doesn’t hit the brakes until he hits vehicles.”

Reportedly, crash investigators suspected the driver of the 18 wheeler truck may have been impaired by fatigue at the time of the truck wreck.  The 18-wheeler apparently crushed another car against the bridge’s guardrail and trapped an elderly man and woman in the car.

The full story can be viewed here.



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