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Louisiana Truck Wreck Closes Interstate for 12 Hours

Louisiana Truck Wreck Closes Interstate for 12 Hours

A major Louisiana truck wreck near Baton Rouge closed the busy Interstate 10 for nearly 12 hours. The Louisiana truck wreck disrupted traffic across the state capitol, ranging from school buses arriving late for class to delivery times for the city’s industrial plants. The chain reaction from the Louisiana truck wreck involved numerous vehicles, including at least five tractor trailers, one of which caught fire. Investigators with the Louisiana State Police and Baton Rouge Police Department are investigating the causes of the accident.

Details of Louisiana Truck Wreck

The Louisiana truck wreck occurred at around 3 a.m. in the westbound lanes of I-10 near Louisiana State Highway 415. A Chrysler sedan stopped on the freeway when an 18 wheeler struck the car. The traffic behind the 18 wheeler also got tangled up in the Louisiana truck wreck. Five more tractor trailers also sustained damage in the accident. One of the large trucks, which was hauling a load of gravel, rolled into opposing traffic and caught fire. Each 18 wheeler was hauling different cargo, ranging from sugar and soft drinks to wood, paper, and alcohol.

Injuries, Cleanup Efforts in Louisiana Truck Wreck

Two of the tractor trailer drivers involved in the Louisiana truck wreck were transported to local medical facilities with moderate injuries. Authorities did not report any major or life-threatening injuries from the early morning Louisiana truck wreck. As local and state police looked for the causes of the accident, firefighters and cleanup crews had to struggle with tons of debris. The gravel truck, which veered into the eastbound lanes, dumped several tons of loose rock onto both sides of the freeway.

Louisiana Truck Wreck Causes Major Traffic Delays

The Louisiana truck wreck caused severe traffic buildups on both sides of the interstate. Louisiana State Police closed westbound traffic at the Mississippi River bridge, as well as both eastbound and westbound lanes between Grosse Tete and Louisiana 415. The closures affected morning rush-hour traffic around Baton Rouge, as the freeway serves as the city’s major traffic artery. Authorities reopened the eastbound lanes at around 7 a.m. after crews removed the gravel truck from the Louisiana truck wreck site.

Louisiana Truck Wreck Highlights Regional Traffic Problems

The traffic delays caused by the Louisiana truck wreck forced workers across the city to either arrive late or miss work entirely. West Baton Rouge Parish schools Superintendent Wesley Watts told local reporters that both students and teachers arrived late to school due to the Louisiana truck wreck. Stacey Chiasson, a spokesperson for Dow Chemical, also blamed the accident for several workers turning around and going home rather than fight the traffic to arrive at the company’s plant in nearby Plaquemine.

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