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Motor Carrier Negligence & Truck Accidents

Motor Carrier Negligence & Truck Accidents

The Role Trucking Companies Can Play in Causing & Preventing Wrecks

Truck accidents can be caused by several factors, from driver misbehaviors to risky roadway conditions. But these are not the only things that can cause 18-wheeler wrecks.

Another major cause of truck accidents can be the policies and actions of motor carriers. Here’s how and why.

A Look at Trucking Company Negligence

Motor carriers play a big role in:

  • How qualified their drivers are: Trucking companies should thoroughly screen drivers before hiring them. This includes verifying their credentials, drug testing them, checking their driving record, and more. Once drivers are hired, it’s up to the motor carrier to ensure its truckers have been properly trained to handle the types of trucks and loads they will be driving. Failing to do any of these things is a form of motor carrier negligence that can put unsafe and/or unqualified truckers on the road.
  • How their drivers operate on the roads: Motor carriers’ policies can dictate whether drivers are more likely (or not) to comply with federal trucking regulations and the rules of the road. For example, motor carriers may set unrealistic delivery deadlines, or they may offer bonuses for early deliveries. Policies like these can compel truckers to take more risks and/or violate essential safety regulations, like speed limits and hours-of-service (HOS) rules. This is another type of trucking company negligence that can increase the risk of wrecks.
  • How safe their trucks are: Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are routinely inspected and properly maintained. They’re also required to ensure the vehicles they send out on the roads are safe. Failing to comply with these responsibilities can result in unsafe trucks on the roads and, again, increase the risk of 18-wheeler accidents.

How Motor Carriers Can Reduce the Risk of 18-Wheeler Accidents

While trucking companies can’t control every element that may lead to 18-wheeler accidents, there is a lot they can do to reduce the risks of wrecks. Specifically, they can:

  • Hire qualified, properly licensed drivers
  • Provide the necessary training to truckers
  • Create and enforce policies that promote safety and compliance with all trucking regulations
  • Take the necessary steps to ensure their trucks are regularly inspected and maintained
  • Promptly and properly fix any problems with their fleet

Of course, no matter how safe motor carriers and/or truckers may be, accidents can still happen. When they do, victims can rely on the Amaro Law Firm for help navigating the road to recovery and justice.

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