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Need an Experienced 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney?

18 wheelers accidents occur every day on Texas highways.  Most passenger vehicles are much smaller in size and weight than these large trucks.  Because of the large differences in size and weight, wrecks with 18 wheelers are typically serious and cause significant injuries and damages to the people in the passenger vehicle.  These injuries can sometimes be catastrophic and result in serious injuries such as amputations, paralysis, burns, brain injuries, and internal injuries.  The damages can be similarly serious with tremendous medical bills in the past and future, lost wages, future loss of earning capacity, disfigurement, physical impairment, and physical pain and suffering.  All of these damages are recoverable in Texas, but the responsible parties will do everything they can to avoid their legal responsibility to pay these damages to the injured party.


If you have been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, you need an experienced and aggressive 18 wheeler accident attorney.  Trucking companies will do everything in their power to protect their financial interests.  The trucking companies will hire a team of experienced insurance adjusters, lawyers, and experts to develop a legal defense against you immediately after the 18 wheeler accident happens.  Sometimes before the injured party has even left the hospital, the 18 wheeler company and their legal team have already taken witness statements, investigated the accident scene to collect favorable evidence for them, and cleaned the truck to dispose of unfavorable evidence.  All of these actions will affect your ability to prove the extent of liability and recover your damages.    An experienced attorney knows what the 18 wheeler companies can and will do to protect their financial interest and deny you fair compensation.


18 wheeler wrecks are almost always preventable and result from the negligence of the truck driver.  One of the leading causes of 18 wheeler wrecks is driver fatigue.  Less often, the causes of 18 wheeler wrecks may be related to the use of illicit drugs or alcohol while driving.  Other causes may relate to the maintenance of the truck or improperly loaded freight.   Whatever the cause, the parties at fault are responsible for compensating you and your family for the damages caused by their wrongful acts and omissions.    The stakes are high in 18 wheeler accident cases because the damages are often substantial.  When you choose to retain an experienced truck accident attorney, you level the playing field.


Truck Wreck Attorneys of The Amaro Law Firm has experienced attorneys who have resolved many 18 wheeler accident cases.   If you have been injured in an 18 wheeler wreck in the Houston metro area, contact our legal team for a free and confidential consultation about how we can help you recover compensation for your injuries and damages at 1-877-892-2797 or by clicking here.  There are no legal fees if there is no recovery.


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