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Road Rage Causes Women to Crash into Houston Church

On March 13, 2011, Houston police say two women crashed into a southeast Houston church after they were involved in a possible incident of road rage. Reportedly, the women were attempting to flee from another driver.

Sources say the two women were traveling westbound on Belfort when they approached the Scott Street intersection. Reportedly, the driver honked her horn at another car sitting at a green light. Houston police say this possibly angered the driver who began to swerve towards the woman’s car. Houston police say the woman veered off the road to avoid getting sideswiped and lost control of her vehicle. Witnesses say the woman ran off the road, hit a curb at the church parking lot, went airborne and crashed into the wall of the church.

Houston police say the driver had to be pried out of the vehicle and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Reportedly, the woman could not provide police with an accurate description of the vehicle.


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