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Major Safety Tips for Truck Driving

Major Safety Tips for Truck Driving

Truck driving can offer a lot of freedom, along with the unique opportunity to travel to new places. It can also bring a risk of getting into a truck wreck, especially if you don’t know how to safely operate the truck.

To help truckers minimize their risk of a trucking accident, here are some essential safety tips for truck drivers which will help keep you and others on the road safer. Following these tips whenever you’re on the road can help you protect yourself—and take the right action whenever risky road conditions arise.

10 Truck Driving Safety Tips

  1. Plan your trip: Before you hit the road, plan the route so you know exactly where you’re going and where you’ll stop along the way. Also, think about alternate routes in case an accident or any other unexpected event prevents you from traveling on your original route.
  2. Check the weather: Before and during your trip, keep an eye on the weather forecast. If adverse weather is predicted, try to plan around it. There are many apps available with inclement weather advisories.
  3. Always buckle up: Not only is wearing your seatbelt the law, but it’s also a simple, effective way to protect yourself. In fact, this is the single best thing you can do to prevent injury or death if a crash occurs. Even when you are in the sleeper birth on a team drive, find a way to secure yourself.
  4. Never speed: Always obey the speed limit, and drive slower around curves, in adverse weather, and whenever approaching (or passing through) a highway work zone. Know your move over laws in the states you will travel.  Some states requie you to move over when there is construction or emergency vehicles on the shoulder.
  5. Always comply with the rules of the road: Obey common traffic laws so other drivers can anticipate and properly respond to your moves on the road. This includes yielding the right-of-way, stopping at red lights, stopping for pedestrians, using indicators before turning, and much more.
  6. Leave plenty of space between your truck and other vehicles: Never tailgate other drivers. If you have plenty of space between your truck and other vehicles on the road, you’ll have more time to safely respond to the unexpected, whether that’s an object in the road, a driver in front of you suddenly slamming on the brakes, or any other risky conditions.
  7. Never drive while impaired: This means never driving after consuming alcohol and/or drugs (including any over-the-counter, prescription, or illegal drugs that impair your perception). It also means not driving while distracted or fatigued because those can also impair your ability to safely perceive and respond to your surroundings.
  8. Drive defensively: Try to anticipate what other drivers on the road will do, and always expect them to make the wrong move. Be extra careful at intersections and always be scanning your surroundings as far as you can see for potential hazards. This can help you wait a few extra seconds at a red light, slow down, and otherwise drive defensively. And that can help you reduce your risk of getting into a crash.
  9. Take breaks: While you need to stop every now and again to refuel, you also need to rest and stretch your legs. So, don’t skip your break times. Taking a little time to recharge can go a long way to keeping you alert and safe for the rest of your trip.
  10. Check your truck frequently: Before hitting the road, during your breaks, and after making your delivery, thoroughly inspect your truck’s vital components. This can help you discover and fix any potential problems before they cause major damage or harm. Plan and take your time during pre-check inspections.  It’s worth it.

While these safety tips can protect you whenever you’re behind the wheel, accidents can still happen. And whenever they do, you can rely on the Amaro Law Firm for help protecting your rights and pursuing the recovery you may deserve.

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