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School Bus Collides with Houston Police Officer

On April 13, 2011, the Houston Police Department confirmed that a sergeant of the Houston Police Department was injured after a collision with a private school bus on the 7900 block of Harrisburg Boulevard.  Investigators say the sergeant was on his way to work when he was hit by a private school bus which authorities suspect ran a stop sign or failed to yield right of way.

A spokesman for the Houston Police Department has given the following statement regarding the crash:

“The preliminary information that we have is that the driver of the school bus who was headed northbound on 78th either ran the stop sign or failed to yield the right of way leaving the stop sign causing a collision with a Toyota truck that was westbound on Harrisburg being driven by an off-duty HPD sergeant.”

According to reports, the injured off-duty sergeant was transported to the hospital after the collision with the bus with minor injuries.  Sources say that no students were present on the bus at the time of the collision and the driver claims that she did not run the stop sign.

The Houston Police Department has stated the driver of the bus will receive a ticket for failing to yield right of way.


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