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Sealy 18 Wheeler Crash Damages Bridge Support

An 18 wheeler crash near Sealy, Texas, caused “significant damage” to a bridge support on Interstate 10, according to a spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation. The accident led to severe traffic delays, as well as structural damage to a busy freeway overpass. The 18 wheeler crash occurred on one of the busiest stretches of interstate highway in the country: the I-10 corridor that connects San Antonio and Houston.

Details of the 18 Wheeler Crash

The accident occurred Wednesday morning between Brookshire and Sealy near mile marker 725. The 18 wheeler crash happened when the driver, Stephen Snyder, collided with the Micak Road overpass support. Mr. Snyder was flown to Houston’s Memorial Herman Hospital after the 18 wheeler crash, but reportedly did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. Reports from state troopers claim that no other drivers were hurt and tha tMr. Snyder was awake and coherent at the time of the accident, despite the severe damage done to the truck’s cab.

Traffic Closures Due to 18 Wheeler Crash

State and local police closed traffic in both directions after the 18 wheeler crash. Eastbound traffic on I-10 reopened less than four hours after the accident, while westbound lanes were closed until the following morning. Authorities diverted the interstate traffic to the frontage road while investigators examined the extent of damage to the overpass bridge. Work crews also installed temporary support structures to reinforce the concrete support column damaged in the 18 wheeler crash.

Damages from 18 Wheeler Crash

A press release from TxDOT stated that structural engineers were examining the extent of the damage to the bridge support. Officials ordered that traffic on the bridge be closed due to fears of structural damage after the 18 wheeler crash. The statement also revealed that the bridge column was surrounded by barrels filled with sand. The statement proposed that these barrels helped limit the impact of the 18 wheeler crash, saving both the driver and the bridge support column.

DPS, TxDOT Investigate 18 Wheeler Crash

Investigators with both DPS and TxDOT are looking into the potential causes of the 18 wheeler crash. The daytime crash and the driver’s coherent responses could rule out any limiting factors on the driver, such as alcohol or exhaustion, but authorities have yet to rule out any possibility. Trooper Stephen Taylor told reporters that the condition of the cab may make it impossible to determine the cause of the 18 wheeler crash. Trooper Taylor also said that any potential charges have yet to be filed against Mr. Snyder.

Sources: KPRC-TV, Sealy News

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