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Slick Roads Cause 7 Car Pileup In West Houston

On February 28, 2012, Houston authorities say slick roads and thick fog were believed to be the cause of a seven-car pileup in west Houston.  According to investigators, a woman was driving to work in the southbound lanes of the 4400 block of North Eldridge Parkway near Patterson when she lost control of her vehicle. Sources say her car then swerved into the northbound lanes, hit a vehicle and swerved back into the southbound lanes, where she was struck by a vehicle driven by her husband, who was following her.  According to reports, the woman’s husband said he was on the phone with his wife, trying to help her avoid an earlier accident.  However, when she took a curve too tightly, he said she slammed into a red Toyota SUV.  Houston authorities say that a total of seven cars wrecked in the chain reaction.


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