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Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Leaves One EMT Dead, One Injured

A Texas 18 wheeler accident involving an ambulance has left one paramedic dead and another with serious injuries. The ambulance driver, Daniel Hampton, died of his injuries in the Texas 18 wheeler accident. Another EMT, Timothy Pierce, was attending to a patient in the rear of the ambulance and suffered multiple serious injuries. The patient, Donna Girard, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety are investigating the causes of the accident.

Details of the Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

The fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident occurred just after 9pm on Friday. The accident happened on State Highway 29 near the Williamson/Burnet County line. A tractor trailer traveling eastbound on the highway moved into the left lane to make a left turn. A Burnet County ambulance Mr. Hampton was driving then rear-ended the big rig. DPS officials stated that the highway speed limit at that site is 65 miles per hour, but they have yet to determine how fast the truck or the ambulance were traveling at the time of the Texas 18 wheeler accident.

Injuries From the Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

In addition to Mr. Hampton’s death in the Texas 18 wheeler accident, his EMT partner also suffered serious injuries. Mr. Pierce suffered broken bones, fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. He was taken to a trauma center in Round Rock and was listed in critical condition. He was later moved from the facility’s intensive care unit to a floor ward. He is expected to make a full recovery. The patient, Donna Girard, was also listed in critical condition. The driver and passenger in the tractor trailer did not report any injuries.

State Probes Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

DPS investigators had both vehicles involved in the Texas 18 wheeler accident taken away for further analysis. A DPS trooper told local reporters that the 2013 Ford ambulance sustained major damage in the collision, while the tractor trailer showed minor damage to its rear end. A statement from a DPS official read that the agency is still investigating the cause of the Texas 18 wheeler accident. The statement also said a crash report will not be ready for several days.

Fire Chief: Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Victim “Well-Liked”

Burnet Fire Chief Mark Ingram said that speaking to reporters after the Texas 18 wheeler accident was, “the worst thing I’ve ever done in my career.” He described Mr. Hampton as “well-liked” by the rest of the department and called him “part of the (fire department) family.” At the time of the Texas 18 wheeler accident, Mr. Hampton worked part-time with the Burnet County Fire Department as an EMT. However, he was due on Monday to start his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time firefighter.

Source: KVUE-TV

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