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Texas 18 Wheeler Accident: Overpass Struck Twice Before

An investigation into a Texas 18 wheeler accident near the town of Salado revealed that the overpass where the accident occurred had been struck twice in the previous week. Last Thursday’s Texas 18 wheeler accident near Interstate 35 and FM 2428 resulted in one fatality and three injuries. Eight days earlier, a car carrier scraped the top of one of its cars on the overpass. The following day, a crane scraped the overpass as the large truck carrying it tried to move under the overpass.

Details of Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

The fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident occurred at around 11 a.m. Thursday morning. The truck had been carrying hydraulic lifting equipment when it struck the overpass. The Texas 18 wheeler accident dislodged two support beams holding up the overpass bridge. One of the beams fell on a pickup truck driver, who died at the scene. Two other big rigs and another pickup truck were also involved in the accident. One of the 18 wheelers struck the truck that had collided with the bridge support. The 18 wheeler caught fire, but the driver was unhurt.

Lower Overpass Cited In Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

The FM 2428 overpass at Interstate 35 had a ground clearance of 14 feet, one-half inch. Texas Department of Transportation regulations call for a minimum clearance of 14 feet, six inches. Most overpasses in rural areas have clearance of 16 feet, six inches. The signs where the Texas 18 wheeler accident occurred showed the clearance as 13 feet, six inches. TxDOT investigators stated that the truck involved in the fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident stood at 14 feet, seven inches, six inches higher than the overpass.

Investigators Probe Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

Investigators have revealed more information about the fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles stated that the truck that struck the overpass support did not have the proper permits for hauling oversized loads. The Department provides these permits and offers drivers advice on routes which will not interfere with traffic flows. The names of the driver involved in the Texas 18 wheeler accident and his employer have yet to be released.

Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Stalls Traffic

The damage from the Texas 18 wheeler accident created major traffic problems for the vital interstate artery. State troopers closed the intersection for nearly 18 hours as police, fire and emergency medical responders cleared away the damage. TxDOT inspectors reviewed the site of the Texas 18 wheeler accident to determine if the interstate and the overpass were still safe for driving. Three victims were transported to a medical facility in Temple with non-life-threatening injuries and later released.

Source: KWTX-TV

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